Monday, January 26, 2009

BBQ Shrimp Night!

You can't go wrong with this one. Simple, quick, and loaded with flavor. There's no shortage of ways to make New Orleans style barbecue shrimp, but the ingredients are basically the same no matter what.

So, without further ado, let me introduce one of my new favorite easy meals; Barbecued shrimp over long grained rice, and french bread.

Barbecue Shrimp

2 sticks of butter (yes it must be butter; if you want healthy you're at the wrong blog)
2 Tbsp. garlic, minced (use the jarred stuff if you want to save time)
1/2 tsp. fresh oregano, chopped
1/2 tsp. fresh thyme, chopped
1 tsp. rosemary, chopped
3/4 cup beer (We like Abita Amber-I mean this is a cajun recipe!)
2 Tbsp. fresh lemon juice
2 (or more) Tbsp. Hot Sauce
2 Tbsp. Worcestershire sauce (make sure to fight about pronunciation for atleast 5 minutes)
1 Tbsp. Black Pepper
1 tsp. salt
1 tsp. Creole seasoning

3 Tbsp. Parsley, chopped
2 lbs shrimp (shell on is best)

1. Preheat your oven to 450 degrees. There is no grilling involved in this barbecue recipe!

2. In a skillet, melt the half of the butter on medium. Add the garlic, saute, and inhale deeply (yummy). Add the fresh herbs and cook for about 2 minutes. Inhale deeply again. Steal a small piece of french bread while stirring.

3. Deglaze your herbs with beer, and let it reduce by half. Drink the remaining beer (or give it to your husband if you're pregnant like me).

4. Add the lemon juice, Worcestershire, hot sauce, black pepper, kosher salt, cayenne pepper and the shrimp, tossing to coat well. Transfer the shrimp and sauce (all of it) to a baking dish where the shrimp can bake in the sauce in a single layer (or close to one). I like foil, because there's no extra dishes to do. Cut your butter into chunks and place over the shrimp. Spread them out, so they drain down over all the shrimpy goodness when they cook. Place the pan into a preheated oven for 10-15 minutes.

Make sure you have a bucket for shells, lots of napkins, and good french bread for sopping up all those drippings.

I also make a long grain white rice or mustard potato salad to go with this dish. It kills the heat of the hot sauce really well. The recipe feeds four.

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